Flugel Washing Machine


Product Description

Flugel Washing Machine, a reliable and efficient appliance designed to make laundry chores easier and more convenient. With its 7kg washing capacity, 16 washing programs, and a powerful 1400rpm spin speed, this washing machine ensures thorough and effective cleaning for your clothes. The 1400rpm spin speed ensures efficient water extraction, reducing drying time and saving energy. Your clothes come out cleaner and almost dry, ready for the next step in the laundry process. The spin speed can be adjusted according to the fabric type and desired moisture level.

The Flugel Washing Machine offers a generous 7kg washing capacity, allowing you to wash larger loads and save time. Whether it's everyday clothing, bedding, or delicate garments, this washing machine can handle a variety of fabric types with ease. With its 16 washing programs, you have the flexibility to choose the ideal setting for each load. From quick wash for lightly soiled items to specific programs for cotton, synthetics, wool, and more, this washing machine caters to your diverse laundry needs.

The intuitive control panel makes it easy to select the desired program and monitor the progress of each wash cycle.The Flugel Washing Machine is designed with convenience in mind. The spacious drum allows for easy loading and unloading, while the clear display shows the remaining time, allowing you to plan your schedule accordingly. The machine also features various additional functions such as delay start, child lock, and adjustable temperature control.

Number of Program(16) Cotton ECO, Quick, Wool, Rinse Spin, Spin Only, Mix, Synthetic, Cotton, My cycle, Baby Care/Kidswear, Hand Wash, Sports Wear, Delicate, Drain Only, Colors, Jeans Additional Functions Delay, Spin/Speed, Mute-washing, Memory, Child Lock, pre-wash, Intensive, extra rinse, Temperature selection.

  • 7kg washing capacity
  • 16 washing programs
  • 15 mins quick wash
  • Eco wash function
  • 24 hours delay the start
  • 1400rpm spin speed
  • Big door for easy load/unload – 480mm
  • Up to 90 Degree washing temperature
  • Safety child lock
  • LED display screen
  • Low noise
  • Type: Front Washer
  • W (mm): 595.0 X D (mm): 495 X H (mm): 850

Other Details

Efficient and Versatile with Multiple Washing Programs:

7kg washing capacity, 16 washing programs, and 1400rpm spin speed, it offers thorough and effective cleaning for all types of clothes. The intuitive controls and additional functions provide convenience and flexibility.